First Alumni held on 26th Jan'2017


About Alumni:

The VOGCE Alumni association was formed in 2014 and was called 'Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College Of Engineering’s Alumni Association’ (VOGCEAA). The association endeavors to establish an intimate contact between the past and present students of the institute and the staff. It strives to create an everlasting bond between the institute and the alumni by inviting them to participate in various activities of the institute. The Alumni meet will be arranged soon in the institute is the first of its kind after the institute was established in June 2011. All alumni are invited to visit the campus and take a walk down memory lane and relive the times spent on the campus. The Director of the institute will address the alumni and inform them of the growth and progress of the institute over the past several years and of the future goals of the institute.


Alumni Body:




Pof. S.V. Rao


Prof. Dinesh Bhere

Prof. VaibhaviMhatre

Student Members

Ms. Shruti Desai(IT)

Mr.Shakya Shubham(COMP)

Mr.Suhas Gharat(CIVIL)

Ms.Minal Ambhore(EXTC)

Mr.Ritesh Patil(MECH)


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Tentative Alumni activities :

1) Curriculum Development

2) Undertaking Of Joint Research And Consultancy Projects

3) Development Of Centers Of Excellence In Emerging Areas Of Technology

4) Entrepreneurship

5) Guest Lectures

6) Laboratory And Infrastructure Development.