Shri Umesh Ji Jadhav

Shri Umesh Ji Jadhav
Executive President
The mark of any institute lies in the quality of values it delivers to the rest of the world. These values must be.
VOGCE will mentor the young minds with Atmadhyaan in addition to Knowledge. Good education is definately to a comfortable and secured life. The purpose of higher education is to prepare the students for a responsible citizenship in a society where emotional balance, goodwill and responsibility are envisioned.

In the rapidly modernizing world, it is certain that past educational system will not meet the needs of the current society and even more so, the need of tommorrow. There is a need for fresh approach to the issues of college education. The roles of colleges in student's life in current society is the most important in individual's life but never has been so in man's history. VOGCE has been established in 2011 with a vision to promote learning, leadership, creativity and innovation and to provide the state of the art facility for education and research in Engineering and Technology. Our mission is not merely imparting theoretical information in a particular discipline or subject but making the student community to be practical.

It is our belief that value based education leads to the holistic development of individuals. We cherish our contribution to last long to the overall growth of our society and nation. The success of any model education depends upon the active involvement of the students, faculty, management and the society. Look forward to a wonderful interaction with faculty, staff, and students of the VOGCE, industries and institutions around to improve the quality education and research, so that VOGCE can reach greater heights in its mission toward excellence.

--Hon Executive President . Umesh Jadhav Ji