Library is the learning inspiration. We motivate the student’s interest towards reading by providing access to archived, contemporary and emerging information/knowledge. They may go through books, journals and other media like electronic and web based resources. The industry in particular and society in general in the area of information and knowledge will be explained to there through our Library. It gives me an immense pleasure to present the report of the central library for the academic year 2016-17 .We are making every possible effort to make our library equipped with all the necessary Books, journals and other facilities. In order to fulfil our readers requirement, we have made available most advanced technical reference books, text books, and subscribed National –International Journals, and all the advanced facilities like library Automation, Resource sharing with other reputed organizations and similarly access for the E-Journals like IEEE, ASME, ASCE, Springer, J-GATE, McGraw Hill and ASTM Digital Library etc.