Shri Prakash Ji Mehta, Cabinet Minister, Government of India

Shri Prakash Ji Mehta
Thoughts are more important than Knowledge, Knowledge is limited but thoughts encircle the Globe.
The objective of Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Trust sponsored VOGCE, is the creation of superior human resources for excellence in the respective spheres of work and the emotional to retain that marvel.

Deeply inspired by our Holy Sadguru Shri Jangli Das Maharaj to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of the new generations, the VOGCE has been established to nurture the young minds in the pursuit of Knowledge. The VOGCE owes its genesis to the evolving need for providing a steadfast flow of professional to the development of industries in Maharashtra, India and the Globe at large. To make higher education accessible to middle class and below, we have set up Engineering college in the rural and reserved forest area of Thane district, Maharashtra and initiated novel schemes of blending academics with age tested Indian Virtual in education.

We at VOGCE are totally committed to achieve this example of excellence, the best among the contemporaries in the entire workd. Committed to excellence. We mould our students to be educated, leading a dignified, proactive and innvative. Our motto is to train our students according to Global Teaching Community, capable of establishing themselves in any part of the world to lead a happy & propsperous life and be able to apply the Technology for benefit of mankind. Being unique in model, approach and motto, the college is strongly commited to the ideals of knowledge sharing techniques that maintians the fine balance between knowledge and its application and seel to promote the creation of an ideal society.

I wish VOGCE a grand success in all their present and future endeavors.

-- Hon. President - Shri Prakash Ji Mehta